My Pampered Feet

My Pampered Feet Luxury Bundle

$149.95 $174.95


My Pampered Feet Luxury Bundle has everything you need to care for your feet! Now you can have a spa treatment experience from the comfort of your home and as many times as you want without breaking the bank.

 My Pampered Feet Luxury Set includes:

  1. A foldable and easy to store foot spa with infrared light to improve blood circulation!
  2. Aromatic bath salts to help relax your tired feet!
  3. A long handle foot brush with pumice stone for soft, clean and healthy feet!
  4. A unique one of a kind foot towel with extra soft and extra absorbent strips to dry between the toes!
  5. And a therapeutic foot moisturizer for cracked, dry feet with analgesic heating/cooling action!

We are a Small Business, please allow 8 to 12 weeks for delivery.

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